Twin Perks Espresso

A message from our founder:

I started my drive thru stands in January 2009 with the idea to bring the flirty fun, summertime attitude to Vancouver and the PDX area. My 1st stand opened in the Golden Skate parking lot in Vancouver on 4th Plain and since then, Twin Perks 2, in the Ducks hardware parking lot opened in July.  Twin Perks 3 in Gladstone, Oregon opened on Mcloughlin in mid September. Twin Perks 4 located in Clackamas/HappyValley, Oregon on 82nd opened in March 2010 and our 5th stand is on Killingsworth in Portland, .06 miles west of Hwy 205 and opened Mid November 2010. Twin Perks #6 in Kalama is open at 1230 Hendrixson Drive just off I-5, exit 31, on the west side of the highway. Twin Perks #7 has come to Gresham on the SE corner of 181st and Halsey. Twin Perks #8 is located near 144th on SE Stark St in east Portland. Our Canby location is now open on Hwy 99 in the Wrangelrs bar and Grill parking lot and Twin Perks #10 is now open on Hwy 212 just East of 205 in the Oles Medium Rare parking lot...

I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of women working for me and have had a great response from our customers and community.

Our Motto: We're clean and classy, not cheap and trashy.

I'm looking forward to growing our locations soon, so look for the blue buildings with the white clouds opening near you!

Thanks for letting us perk you up!

Tracy Fields



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