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A message from our founder

I started my drive thru coffee stands in January 2009 with the idea to bring the flirty fun, summertime attitude to Southwest Washington and Northern Oregon. 


I wanted to bring beauty, brains and a killer cup of coffee to so many people out there who are tired of the same old canned grind, and that's exactly what I did!


Being a strong confident woman, I wanted to show young women their own power. I wanted to empower women to own their destiny, their beauty and show the world what a real woman, in control of who they are and where they were going, could do. 


Our Motto:  We're clean and classy, not cheap and trashy.


My first stand opened in the Golden Skate parking lot in Vancouver on 4th Plain and since then, our little Twin Perks Espresso has grown into ten more locations and served the best customers around, the best coffee that can be roasted! I am proud to say that I have employed so many wonderful young women who have used their time at Twin Perks as a springboard through school and gone on to grow and thrive in their chosen careers.


You, our fiercely loyal and dedicated staff and customers are to thank for all that we are, and we will always be forever grateful.


I'm looking forward to growing our locations soon, so look for the blue buildings with white clouds opening near you!


Thanks for letting us perk you up!


​Tracy Fields


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